”I need to paint since painting gives my life freedom and meaning. Sometimes I have a conscious Idea about a project but many times it ends up somewhere else. I stop when I feel its Done. Could be a process of months. I work through multiple layers of oil paint using brushes, scrapers and squegees”

Gustav Hjelmgren

The love for paint can be seen on the large canvases where Gustav (b.1979)  applies oil paint with hands, brushes and scrapers in layers on
layers to achieve the desired visual effects. Sometimes the paint gets dry and sometimes it is wet in wet. Sometimes thick layers of oil paint are applied and sometimes thinner. The result is different structures and effects on the canvas. A degree of randomness in the process creates tension as the result is not
predictable. Gustav’s inspiration can come from nature, surroundings, life events and mood. Instincts and
subconscious emotions guide him along with the structure of the
medium and the tools at hand at the moment.


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